Seniors talk about their worries, hopes for after high school

By Will Huston

As students enter the final nine weeks of school at FC, many are looking forward to summer break. However, for seniors it is the last time they will be at FC, causing them to be excited about graduating.

“[I’m] very excited. I’m ready to leave,” said senior Greg Micco.

Micco shared his plans on what he is doing after high school. His plans include going to Ivy Tech, where he plans on studying electrical engineering for two years.

Other students plan on less technical careers, such as Claire Watkins, who plans on going to two different colleges — the first one, Jefferson Community College (JCC) for her general classes, and then to Western Kentucky University (WKU), where her father went and studied.

“I want to study education, and I want my minor to be English,” said Watkins.

Of course, as important as some people consider college, it is also incredibly expensive, making some students wonder how they are  going to pay for it. Micco, for example, says he plans on joining the Army or Marine reserve.

“[I’m worried] that I go to college, I get this big debt, and I don’t get anything out of it,” said Micco.

Others, such as Cody Hunter, who is going to college to study nutrition, plans to work part time.

“UPS is going to pay for half of IUS, and my parents will help me along the way,” said Hunter.

Of course, during this time of heavy unemployment, some are concerned about the post-college life.

“I’m super-duper afraid that I won’t be able to get a job,” said Watkins.

With others, it is a matter of personal preference.

“[I’m worried] if I actually like what I’m doing, if I actually like the career path I’m going with,” said Hunter.

Despite these worries, many students continue with their plans, waiting until the day school is over and they go out into the world.

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