Tennis team dives into the 2014 season

By Melanie Parrish

Parents and friends alike cheer as sophomore Alex Jamison and junior Erin Patterson play doubles together against Columbus North in the tennis tournament on Saturday. Saturday’s tournament was the team’s first of the season.

“I think we’ve been doing pretty good,” said Patterson. “It’s a little different, because we had to start without our two best players.”

Both girls feel that the team will do well this year.

“With a lot of practices and matches, I think this season could turn out pretty good,” said Jamison.

“I believe we can get back to state this year,” Patterson added.

Coach James Markert also intends for the team to make a return appearance at state this season, for the fifth consecutive year.

“The last four years we’ve been in the top four teams in the state. I think we will this year, too,” he said.

The tennis team has made some changes in structure this year, as well as having fewer seniors.

“Last year we had a set goal, but this year, it’s all on the fly, which I like,” said Jamison.

The team, although having lost several All-State girls, has gained four new members.

“We have three new freshmen and our Italian foreign exchange student, Georgia. She’s awesome,” said Jamison. The new teammates have integrated well with the rest of the team.

“They get along really well,” said Patterson’s mother, Tami. “They have a really strong bond. I think they’ll do well this year.”

The tennis team’s next match is tomorrow (Tuesday, April 15) at home against New Albany.

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