Track team hopes for success in upcoming season

By Peter Hyle and Christian DiMartino

Tonight the FC track team will be preparing for the Jefferson Inferno Invitational. A team centered around determination and companionship, many of the runners have a confident attitude towards competing this weekend.

“I’m not nervous at all. We are a group of go-getters and we will do whatever it takes to be successful in the end,” said senior Seth Jenkins.

The team has been very successful in the past, which has generated high expectations among the teammates.

“Our overall goal this year is to win regionals,” said senior Reese Tarr. “Everyone on the team has been working like crazy to make that a reality.”

The team has a very distinct advantage that helps them power through each season.

“We always have a very good group of seniors who lead by example and through communication. This year’s seniors are especially talented, and they really make the team what it is,” said head track coach Lane Oxley.

Each individual player has their own reasoning behind why they love this sport as much as they do, and why they are so determined to win.

“I really love the competitive nature involved with track. I have always loved to compete, and it’s just a great feeling to push myself on this team,” said senior Grant Reynolds.

Other members are drawn to different aspects of being on the track team.

“I’m on the team because I love to run, basically. That and also being with my teammates. It’s great to be a part of the team alongside them,” said junior Grant Vellinger.

Being a very talented team, they have many goals and obstacles awaiting them.

“There are some high expectations all across the board for this team. This year we have a very strong set of guys in all of the events. We are taking all of this one step at a time, but we always have our eyes set on state,” said Jenkins.

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