Day of Silence raises awareness of bullying issues

by Lindsay Sparrow and Raquel Renton

As sophomore Kelsey Skeens sits in Tim Dench’s second-period class, she has said nothing today.

“The day of silence is a way to pay respects to those who have committed suicide because of bullying,” said Skeens. This day will not only touch the students involved, but the entire school.

Although many students aren’t speaking today, hundreds of messages are being sent by this commitment.

“I think a message of courage and respect is being sent be acknowledging those we have lost because of bullying,” said health teacher Juli Hutson. The students seem to be recognized more for their silence then when their voices are heard.

“People will wonder what is happening and try to get us all to talk, and that will create dialogue about the alliance, possibly leading to more members and people involved,” said sophomore Zach Thomerson. Thomerson hopes the attention will bring more attention to the club.

Students wonder about how the teachers and staff will handle not being answered when spoken to. The purpose is not to ignore the teachers, but to commit to the message and the cause.

Freshman Colleen Bryant said, “Some teachers could get mad or frustrated, but hopefully they will respect what we are doing. Especially since everyone knows what is going on ahead of time.”

Some teachers are very understanding on the subject. Dench has many students involved in the day of silence in his classes, and he has pre-planned how he will handle the situation.

“I plan to have alternative way to get the students involved. I am not going to make them speak in class, but I still expect them to work on their assignments and get work done. That way the students are participating silently instead of not participating at all.

Dench doesn’t mind student remaining silent for a good cause, but he is concerned that students genuinely care about the cause.

“There are rumors that people that aren’t associated with the alliance are staying silent for the wrong reasons. They are just trying to get out of participating in class,” said junior Ramsey Hafling. Members of the club have their eye out and won’t let anyone get away with mocking the meaning of the Day of Silence.

The club is also participating in other activities. There is another meeting after school starting at 3:45 in Hutson’s health classroom. The alliance accepts all members and is still looking for other members to join.


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