Student opinions of Comic-Con vary by experience

By Megan Johnson

Imagine, walking into a room the size of a football field filled with hundreds of people. Everyone from toddlers to the elderly seem to be attending. Some chit-chat with fellow fans while others hurriedly attempt to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor. The crowd’s attire ranges from cosplay of a favorite character, to jeans and a t-shirt. Merchandise booths line the area to display commodities pertaining to a certain fandom or business. All of these attributes come together to create the perfect formula for what fans have come to know as, Louisville Comic-Con. This convention is a branch off of the internationally known convention that occurs in California every year.

Senior Hannah Votaw attended the infamous Comic-Con this past weekend. Votaw shared that her experience was brilliant and was thoroughly glad she attended.

“I stayed from start to finish on Saturday, but my sister got tired two hours in and left. However, I got to see Matt Smith, he waved and seemed extremely nice. Plus, I bought a sword.”

She also explained that a major aspect that boosted the overall experience were the booths standing all throughout the area.

“There was all kinds of merchandise there. I saw so many things I couldn’t narrow it down,” said Votaw.

Not only did these stands sell merchandise to the convention goers, but several included simulators in which they could play.

Though some enjoyed the event others would disagree about the hype of Comic-Con, including senior Devon Armbruster.

“Overall, it wasn’t a very good convention. They seemed to focus on the pedaling of merchandise rather than the convention itself.”

Armbruster explained that she had been to several other conventions before this one and was not impressed.

“There are some days that I attended that I wish I hadn’t,” she said.

Though some experienced fans and con-goers were unsatisfied with the experience,some were able to find a happy medium while attending.

“My favorite was probably Karen Gillian’s panel. It was great to hear about Doctor Who and her experience,” said Armbruster.

Votaw concluded with a statement that she believed summed up the entire event, mainly for those who had never attended an event such as Comic-Con.

“It’s just a whole lot of expensive, nerdy fun.”

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