Youth group takes big step toward growing faith

By Rachel Lamb

Students in the youth group at Georgetown Christian Church have been looking for ways in which they can deepen and grow their faith.

Starting on April 20, a project called “Deeper Life” will begin. Throughout this project, students will complete a number of tasks, such as scripture and book reading, journals, devotionals, quizzes, and service projects.

Some of the requirements are considered simple, but others are seen as difficult.

“I have memorized many verses in the Bible and know all of the books in order, so Bible reading will not be a problem for me,” said senior Timon Stermer.

Some students, such as junior Jacob Huntley, said that processing what they read will be difficult.

“The hardest part for me will be mostly with day to day stuff like Bible reading and journaling.”

Huntley added that he has an obligation to fulfill through this and even through difficult times, he will still manage to grow as a Christian.

Youth minister Chris Cowsert shared what he thinks students will struggle with the most.

“They will definitely be challenged with everything that is asked of them during this project, but they have a chance to prove what each of them are capable of.”

Once each student can prove that he or she has grown deeply in their faith, a free five-day trip to Florida during fall break will be given to the ones that fulfill all of the requirements.

“It is not an everyday location, so it is a very big deal to them that going to the beach is the reward,” said Cowsert.

However, a free trip is not all that freshman Kaelyn Gibson wants to get out of this opportunity.

“I want to participate in this because I have gone through some rough times. Honestly, I just want to become closer to God.”

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