Spring sports players look forward to warmer weather

By Will Huston

After a few winter storms, the area around FC has  recently been seeing some warmer weather, making some sports players eager about the arrival of spring.

“I just feel like we’ve had too much winter,” said sophomore Kristen Burger, who plays on the softball team.

Others, however, believe that the cold is going to stick around for a while longer.

“I have a feeling it’s going to be a little colder [for a while,]” said sophomore Gabbi Jenkins, who plays on the softball team.

Since school started back again in winter, there have already been numerous snow days, enough to halve spring break, but for sports players, it cost more than part of their spring break. Many students have not been able to get outside to train for their sport

“By this time we’re normally outside, but this year due to the weather we’re stuck inside,” said senior Grant Foster, who runs on the track team.

As the weather has been keeping more students inside, some have been finding alternative ways to stay fit.

“[We’re] having three hour practices everyday once the season starts,” said junior tennis player Erin Patterson.

Even with setbacks, many veteran players expect a lot from their team, such as sophomore Tony Murphy, who runs on track.

“I think we’re going to really improve, especially with the young runners,” said Murphy.

Other teams have charities to keep in mind, such as the softball team, which plans to have a  themed game to raise money for cancer on May 2.

Though winter does not technically end until March 20, some believe the weather will not be cold for much longer.

“I think it’s going to stay cold for a while, but once it heats up, it’s not going back,” said Murphy.

Additional Interviews by Bryce Romig and Rachel Lamb.

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