Cafeteria hosts Book Drive for Dr. Seuss Day

By Peter Hyle and Christian DiMartino

Every year the cafeteria makes a special lunch for Dr. Seuss Day. Serving food such as green eggs and ham and grinch burgers, it has become a yearly tradition for the FC cafeteria workers. This year however, the cafeteria hosted a week-long book drive in honor of the author’s birthday.

“The purpose of the book drive is to give to a school with lower income children,” said food and nutrition manager Jody Kramer.

All of the books collected in the book drive are to be sent to Green Valley Elementary in hopes that they will encourage healthy reading habits.

“The National Education Association started these book drives 17 years ago. It focuses on motivating children and teens to read more through events, partnerships, and reading resources,” said school librarian Pamela Poe.

Weather interfered with Dr. Seuss Day, which was last Sunday and scheduled to be celebrated at FC on Monday. After the snow day and two-hour delay at the start of last week, it was decided that the cafeteria celebration would be held on Tuesday.

“Cooking the themed food is easy, fun, and my cooks love to do it because it’s something different,” said Kramer.

For most involved, the rewarding aspect of the week was collecting all of the books for the children.

“Roughly 50-60 books were donated into the box, which is great for the very first year we’ve done the book drive,” said Kramer.

“The entire drive is in conjunction with Reading Across America. We stopped officially collecting on Friday, but we will still collect any books that come in late.”

According to Kramer, the first book drive at FC, held in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday was an achievement.

“In my opinion, it’s a good day celebrating a wonderful author. Hopefully we can do the book drive again next year and it will be even more of a success. We have great kids and staff in this building that made the book drive possible,” said Kramer.

The donated books are put into boxes before being taken to Green Valley Elementary.
The donated books are put into boxes before being taken to Green Valley Elementary. Photo by Peter Hyle

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