Track prepares for 2014 season

By Bryce Romig

Track season is approaching quickly, and the track team is training hard to make sure they are at the top of their game for the 2014 season.  Practicing each day after school on the track, the team is hoping to win regionals this year.

“We practice six days a week with running drills and weight lifting. All of our field event participants stay after practice and do extra work on our event,” said junior long jumper Macy Plaiss.

With all of the missed school days due to snow, the track team suffered from missed conditioning.

“For distance this year it’s a lot harder to train due to all of the snow days,” said boy’s long distance coach Tim Korte.

Although snow days have made an impact on the team, they are working hard to make up for the lost days.

‘Trying to get our practices in is harder due to the weather. We try to run anywhere from 25-35 miles per week,” said long distance runner freshman Morgan Paul.

When asked about the team’s strengths, Korte shared that they have many great returning runners this year.

“However, our shot put and discus area are our weaknesses this year. We lost our state champion Cody Hamsley,” said Korte.

The team shared their many goals and accomplishments they wish to complete this season.

“We want to win conference sectionals and regionals.  We’ve only had one regional win ever,” said Korte.

Along with winning regionals, personal records are a main focus as well.

“Everyone is really trying for PR’s. We have a much smaller team this year, but we still want to win sectionals and regionals,”said Paul.

The boys track team’s first meet will be on March 27 against Silver Creek High School.

Girls track will have their first meet on April 11 in Corydon.

“We have a pretty strong team this year, including both sprinting and distance. I’m really looking forward to competing and bonding with my teammates,” said junior Gabrielle Rodriguez.

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