Dance Marathon committees make final preparations as FCDM begins

By Brooke McAfee, Elise Kurk, and Mitchell Lockhart

As students and volunteers prepare for a long day of activities, they express their excitement for today’s Dance Marathon.

Junior Sydney Davis, who is part of the Entertainment Committee, said she is excited to how much money is raised.

“I am super excited to see our total. I am really hoping we meet our goal,” she said.

Senior Eliza Hudson is part of the Morale Committee, and it is her responsibility to get people pumped up and teach the morale dance throughout the day.

“There will be a lot of games and activities and a lot of great Riley kids stories,” she said.

Another aspect many people are excited about is the free food. It is the Dance Marathon Committee’s job to find caterers to donate food. The food will include Tumbleweed, Beef ‘O’Brady’s, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Olive Garden, and Arni’s.

“We spend months leading up the the Dance Marathon contacting different restuarants seeing if they will donate food or sell at a discounted price,” said junior Gabby Gibson, who works on the Catering Committee.

Some of the events that are scheduled include a Hunger Games event, involving Nerf guns, and the Rave Hour, featuring strobe lights and a fog machine in a darkened room.

Kerry Jones, one of the heads of the National Art Honors Society, is working at a booth where students can make items for sick children.

“We are making puppy-pals and stuffing pillows…each pillow goes to a sick kid,” she said.

Senior Sarah Henry, an entertainment and decorations executive member, said although the activities are enjoyable, it is helping the Riley children that is most rewarding.

“I can’t wait to see the whole school come together for the kids,” she said.

FCDM has just begun. Check back throughout the afternoon and evening for continual coverage.

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