Attendees express opinions on 2014 Dance Marathon

by Delaney Smith

The Dance Marathon is almost over but the excitement is still running high. This year’s carnival theme has everyone on their feet and guessing what is yet to come, whether it be the next Riley story or the next big event such as the real life Hunger Games.

“This is my second year coming to Dance Marathon,” said sophomore Kailey Haydon. “They really went all out; it has been a lot of fun.”

Students have enjoyed many of the activities throughout the event such as carnival games, inflatables, and many other small things to keep them up and moving for the whole seven hours.

“My favorite part about this year is learning the Morale Dance because I really like dancing,” said junior Allison Burkhart.

With many events left, everyone is looking forward to seeing what the rest of the night holds. The ending ceremony and the grand total are only a couple of the big events that are yet to come.

“I look forward to seeing the grand total and how much we helped out the kids at Riley,” said senior Kylie Davis.

FCDM is ongoing for the next hour and a half until 9 p.m. Continue to follow on-going coverage throughout the evening.






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