Wood carver also shows talent in beekeeping

With the loud and consuming humming of bees in the wilderness, sophomore Jared Koopman begins another one of his many hobbies.  Koopman has acquired, what some would consider, a strange set of talents, such as bee keeping.

“I had thought about starting bee keeping for quite a while , and eventually broke down and just bought my first hive,” said Koopan.  Koopman has put in a lot of hard work and research in preparation of his hive.

“I had to assemble and paint the hive, as well as prepare the spot I will put it.  I have to position it somewhere with good morning and evening sunlight and away from prevailing winds,” said Koopman.  This spring will be Koopman’s first year of bee keeping.

“I’ve ordered my bees and queen which I won’t actually get until April,” said Koopman.  “If you are trying to start beekeeping but are having some doubts, talk to an experienced bee keeper.  Almost anyone can do it, even in most urban areas,” said Koopman.

Along with beekeeping, Koopman has multiple other interesting hobbies including the building of backpacking gear.

“I have a bunch of backpacking gear that I made and sewed myself, and I am a part of the outdoor club,” said Koopman.

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