Cheerleaders placed fourth at nationals

By Hannah Cheatham

This past weekend the cheerleaders went to the national competition in Dallas, where a season of practice and hard work landed them fourth place in the small varsity all-girl division.

“It was disappointing because I knew our team was a first-place team,” said senior Emma Bellus.

Freshman Jensen Stregiel agreed with Bellus.

“I have mixed emotions. I’m sad that it’s over but I’m happy I had the experience,” said Stregiel.

Team members expressed that the fourth-place finish was a memorable part of the season.

“I feel good about how we did,” said junior Taylor Rice. “We all tried our hardest and I think that’s what matters. The memories that we all got to share together means more to me than a national title.”

Stregiel will be on the team next year and has already decided she is going to prepare differently for next season by working harder and focusing on making everything perfect. Rice, who will be a senior next year, expressed her excitement for next year’s opportunity.

“Next year I plan to lead my team by being positive all the time, helping the underclassmen if they need it, and making sure everyone is prepared as much as possible.”

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