Jackson to add co-host to TV show

By Sydney Sears and Delaney Smith

“How many high schoolers can say they have a show?” said sophomore Kylie Wheeler, who is soon to be a co-host with senior Julie Jackson on her TV show entitled “Everybody Talks.”

Wheeler will start to co-host the show with Jackson starting next semester in January.

“I’m in love with change, especially change that will benefit everyone. The show will be a lot more exciting and a lot more fun when Kylie joins the show crew,” said Jackson.

Jackson said the idea for a co-host came up when she was brainstorming because she felt that there was something missing from the show.

“The idea for a co-host sparked my mind when I was in the shower. I went to Mr. Dench the next day and he thought it was a great idea,” said Jackson.

Radio/TV teacher Tim Dench said that the original idea for the show included a co-host and that will make the show more fun and interesting.

“Different ideas will come along with a new co-host,” said Dench.

Wheeler originally took radio/TV because others had suggested to her that she could be a broadcaster and she ended up loving the class and therefore took the co-hosting opportunity.

“She [Wheeler] is outgoing, loves to talk, and with her pageant history she would fit in,” said Dench.

Also, with Wheeler as an underclassman she will take over the show when Jackson graduates this May.

“She may only be a sophomore, but she knows what she’s doing,” said Jackson.

Wheeler has high hopes for the future of the show

“I hope to just have fun with this opportunity and get to learn a lot more about this field,” said Wheeler.

Jackson concludes her thoughts on Wheeler’s introduction to the show.

“This is more of a friend title than a co-host stamp,” said Jackson.

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