Dual personalities share experiences in radio/TV and softball

By Rachel Lamb

Between producing a FC radio/TV production to standing in the outfield during a softball game, sophomores Emily and Erin Keenan are still able to manage within their busy lives. For some students, having this hectic schedule is hard to fulfill alone. This is not the case for the Keenans, since they are twins.

“It is pretty cool having my best friend with me 24/7 since birth,” said Erin.

These sisters may have the same interests, but their opinions on the hobbies they share are not necessary the same.

“Softball keeps me in shape and gives me the opportunity to meet new people,” said Emily.

Erin shared that her favorite part leans more on the energetic side of the sport.

“I like the feeling of the adrenaline rush you get from outrunning a play, sliding into base, or catching a line drive.”

Softball coach Rick Keenan, also the twins’ dad,  shared a few of Erin’s strengths on the softball field.

“She always has a good sense of where the ball is going to go and her good arm always comes in handy.”

This sport is only a small part of their lives. Emily and Erin also help produce “Everybody Talks,” a radio/TV production.

“Both girls are hard working, responsible, and take pride in their work. However, they are a little quiet and shy; I think that’s why I can’t tell them apart,” said radio/TV teacher Tim Dench.

Last year, both girls took the first radio/TV class. Instead of continuing on to the second class, Emily and Erin decided to take sports broadcasting this year and get involved in helping produce “Everybody Talks” with senior Julie Jackson.

Emily shared her opinion on why she enjoys being in the class and producing “Everybody Talks.”

“It is preparing me for my career as a filmmaker, but most of all that my twin sister does it with me.”

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