Campus Life helps students grow in faith

Photo submitted by Melissa Jeffries DeLuca

By Sydney Sears and Rachel Lamb

Every Monday night a group of students and adults meet at various places including students’ homes,  churches, and even local restaurants to socialize with others that have the same faith.

“Campus life is a place where kids can hang out and grow closer to not only the people around you, but God,” said junior Hayley Wilson, who regularly attends Campus Life.

Campus Life (CL) meets every Monday night at 7:07 p.m. Here, they play games and do a variety of Bible studies.

“At CL we play games, learn lessons through the word of Christ, and enjoy meeting new people and making memories with new and old friends,” said junior Carly Franklin.

Senior Joshua Becht shared that his favorite part of Campus Life is the friendships that come out of it and how it made him more outgoing.

“Some of my best friends are from CL. You meet people that you have a lot in common with and you have the ability to put a huge focus on strengthening relationships with others,” said Becht.

Many have joined CL due to friends and their experiences.

“I started going to CL when a friend told me about it and ever since my first time I was hooked on the Bible studies we have done and are doing, since they relate to everyday life,” said senior Kylie Davis.

She also explained that CL is a place where you can be around people who have the same morals.

Davis is one of many students that is involved in the FC Student Christian Ministry. This group of students also lead Monday nights at CL.

However, the FC Student Christian Ministry is not alone in the leadership on Monday nights.

“I direct CL along with a team of adults and student leaders,” said Campus Life director Kevin Becht.

Kevin shared his opinion on why he enjoys having Campus Life for students and above all, see them take charge.

“There aren’t enough places in this world today where students are able to share their story and be real. I enjoy seeing students step up to lead by being there for their friends in everyday life.”

Most people feel that Campus Life is a place where beliefs are shared, people connect, and where many friends have been made.

“I love this group so much and I cannot imagine not being apart of this group. Looking back on all of the positive things that I have gained from coming to Campus Life, I want as many people to experience all the wonderful things that come out of it,” said Wilson.

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