Columnist questions Facebook thankfulness

By Megan Johnson

Picture 2

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentleman. When everyone dedicates their Facebook statuses, Twitter updates and yes, even their Instagram selfies to things they’re thankful for. This range of “thanks” goes from the average “family thanks” to the “little things in life thanks” that honestly the person claiming this “thanks” really doesn’t care about. I mean, I can totally understand being thankful for your parents, siblings, even your pet. But when it gets to a pitiful update such as “2day im thnkful 4 schl.” A) You need to get a dictionary and B) You’re most likely lying to appease your parents by saying you like school.

Now, I’m not trying to say that their aren’t people who don’t appreciate such common items and are thankful for them. However, there’s a difference of actually being thankful for it and not. If you’re thankful for something, you’re going to try your hardest to succeed at it or take care of it. If you aren’t thankful and you’re just trying to make yourself look better on social networking sites, you’re going to procrastinate and make it your last priority.

Not being thankful doesn’t just apply to items or technology. This also applies to those who surround you and love you. Sure, you say you’re “thankful” for your grandmother, but when was the last time you visited her? Yes, you definitely appreciate your parents, but when has there ever been a time you cleaned the house without them asking? Yeah, you took a selfie with your best friend and captioned it, “I luv my girl! Soooo thnkful for her!”, but how long has it been since you’ve taken time to hangout with her?

So here’s the catch: Instead of claiming you’re thankful for these people and¬†privileges, go out and do something about it! Show these people you truly love them and try your hardest to succeed. If you really are thankful for school, study hard and get an “A” on that impossible Chemistry test. If you’re thankful for your grandma, call her up and go out to dinner with her.

This holiday make it your priority to really follow through with what your thankful for. Or for the sake of social media: #TrulyBeThankful

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