Hart Strings share story of success

By Megan Johnson and Melanie Parrish

Almost two years ago, three young men turned Georgetown upside down, when they came together to form “The Hart Strings.”

FC graduates Ted Hartog, Gannon Yeaton and Jared Murray formed the folk band in February 2012, almost two years ago. Since then, senior John Renfrow and FC graduate Josh Druin have joined the band, as Yeaton and Murray headed off to college.

“The band has become more versatile since it began, thanks to Josh and John,” said Hartog, the lead singer for the Hart Strings.

“I’d seen a poster for their benefit concert and I thought ‘I just have to be in this band’,” said Renfrow.

Hartog continued to explain how the addition has allowed them to experiment more in their songwriting and makes it easier to find their sound. He also explained his thought process when it comes to songwriting.

“At the end of the day, you have to feel like you are singing your own song, your own mind and your own heart.”

When it comes to lyrics, Hartog looks towards his own experiences, “The lyrics for my music comes from the way I interpret certain life events. Whether its a break up or my move to college, I try to write the way that I talk.”

Hartog also shared that his inspiration is just an ongoing need to understand the world around him.

Now, this once small-town band is becoming big. On Nov. 16 and 17 the video for one of the band’s newer songs, “Sharp,” was featured in the New York Denouement Film (NYDEF) Festival. Band members Hartog, Renfrow and Druin were not able to attend; however, their productions developer and director of the music video, Patryk Larney, was there representing them.

Senior Kit Repine shared her experience in working with the Hart Strings. Repine acted as an audience member during the “Sharp” music video.

“We all had to pretend to be really hyped up, so we just jumped around while they shot the scene over and over again,” she said.

Repine said that she had been a fan since last October, long before the “Sharp” video.

“All of our fans are pretty collected and cool,” said Renfrow.

“We appreciate all the loyal support. We just really love you guys. You’re awesome.”

If you would like more information on the Hart Strings and their music visit their website at http://www.thehartstrings.com

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