Fitness Friday: What not to do over break

By Blake Dykes

Fall break. Alas, I know I am in desperate need for some time off, which I’m sure you all are as well. Although you’re going to be free from school during your break, you do still have to workout. Sorry if that ruins your fantasy of laying in bed all day and then staying up all night eating ice cream from the carton.

Remember all the thing we have talked about in the past, I’m sure most of you will be spending every living second with friends, but remember not to fall into the hypnosis of splitting a “Little Caeser” with them every night. Instead, try to encourage your friends to workout with you. If your friends happen to be as lazy as some of mine (love them anyway), you may need to rethink how you word your proposal. Maybe say, “Hey, want to get toned lean legs?  Great, come do this workout with me and you will!” Opposed to saying, “Hey come run five miles with me until you throw up.” It’s all about the wording. It’s ok to make it sound better than it is, afterall, it is for a good cause, right?

Another thing that you have to be conscious of, if you take one day off (which is okay every once in awhile) it makes it hard to want to workout the next day, so you take just one more day off, then two turns in to three, and three into four. It’s a vicious cycle. Sometimes our best workouts happen when we don’t feel like doing them. To avoid letting yourself slip into becoming a couch potato, make a list of things you will get done everyday before hanging out with friends or your evening plans. You are more likely to actually follow through with these plans if you do them in the morning. Get up before anyone else, that way you don’t have to miss out on anything. You don’t get a six pack by sleeping until one every day.

I’m sure you all will do great over the break though, but sadly, this is my last “Fitness Friday” and Monday was my last “Motivational Monday.” There are only so many articles I can write about nutrition and how to be fit.  If you ever have requests on an article you would like to see written or have any questions on health you can leave a comment or email The Bagpiper and I will give you feedback.

But don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you completely empty handed. I find a lot of my motivation and some great workouts on various fitness accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter accounts: @BeFitMOTIVATION, @HealthTips, @TheGymClown, @sugar_nation


With all that being said, I’ll leave you with this quote.

“Loser’s quit when they’re tired. Winner’s quit when they’ve won.” -Unknown

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