#SPEAKOUT: The great candy collision

By Danielle Sheally

There are tons of different textures of candy crunchy, smooth, sticky, hard, and gooey.

I think the two best candies on the face of the Earth are Heath Bar and Hershey milk chocolate bar. These are such classic candies that you can’t go wrong. These bring so much comfort when a bad break-up happens or when the most tragic loss in your life comes around. In addition, these candies are easier to fit in your purse or backpack, so they are easily accessible whenever cravings strike.

Heath bars hold so much history that one can almost taste history in the making.  From 1914 until today, the Hershey company has been making smiles run across children’s with their Heath bar. The thing that is most appealing about Heath bars is that they melt in your mouth, but they are also have crunchy toffee on the inside.

Predating the Heath bar is the Hershey Plain Milk Chocolate Bar.  Manufactured since 1900, this chocolate bar has been a symbol for America.  Though, on the outside, it looks and is called plain, it has an explosion of flavor when savored. The Hershey Bar has an amazing amount of sauciness sewn together with smooth decadence.

We ponder, as individuals, what the most frequently chosen candy is when the goblins and ghosts come out to play. Maybe I am right or maybe I am wrong; we’ll let the ghosts decide.

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