Boys basketball players preview upcoming season with their new coach

By Sydney Sears and Delaney Smith

As the boys basketball players trudge out of another practice their sore muscles let them know they have given the day their all.

With a new coach and fresh faces, FC awaits the upcoming season.  The players have a new mindset and are more determined than ever to have a successful season. The boys are adjusting to a new schedule, workout program, and coach in this upcoming season.

“I like what Coach Lieberman has come in and started doing. It’s really affected the team by all of us being in much better shape than we were before, and it’s helping us improve as athletes,” said senior Zane Nichols.

Coach Mark Lieberman has instilled a novice practice and workout schedule for the players. They practice every day of the week except Sunday. Lieberman said that the new workouts have resulted in improved strength throughout the entire team.

“He has us on a conditioning program that we can almost be positive no one else is doing,” said junior Brandon Smith.

Lieberman expressed his ideas on improvement and working hard. He said that he believes that they can outwork any team they will play this season. Lieberman shared that the team will work hard, compete, and find ways to outwork their opponents this season.

“I’m always looking for gradual improvement,” he said.

With all this hard work, team members are excited to see what will happen on the court.

“I’m just excited for the upcoming season to start. I want to know where all of this hard work that we’ve been putting in is going to get us,” said Nichols.

Though Lieberman cannot predict an outcome for the season, he promised hard work and dedication.

“We will play hard. I do know that,” he said.

The varsity team’s first official game of the season is at home against New Albany at 7:30 on Friday, Dec. 13.

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