Technicalities of ‘Les Miserables’ spark student interest

By Isaac Mathewson
With the FC production of Les Miserables (or “Les Mis” for short) fast approaching, many have been wondering what kind of experience to expect from something of this size and organization.
Theater director Robbie Steiner has said that this is a very technical show and it will convey many locations of the stage where the show takes place. He said that the final set will be one of the biggest our theatre has ever had.
Steiner has also stated that the building of this show is long and difficult.
“It’s very complex and all of it has to be stored,” he said. So far there have been no major problems during the building and fortunately there have been no injuries or major mistakes in any of the set pieces. He added that the set will be mostly finished by the end of fall break.
Steiner said that the technical theater students will face many challenges during the show.
“It will be challenging because there are a lot of things moving.”
He has also assured that there are no unsafe risks that the actors or techs will face during the show, but with a set this big there are always potential complications. He said that there will definitely be enough jobs to go around.
He is very confident that the show will go well technically. “We have hard workers and the show’s very well organized.”
 In addition to hard working techs working the show, there is also lighting professional Mike Nevitt taking charge of the lighting.
 The show will play on Nov. 1, 2 ,8 ,9 at 7:30 a.m., and Nov. 3 and 10 at 2 p.m.

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