Student-led event brings faith, fellowship together

By Rachel Lamb and Megan Johnson

Every year the fourth Wednesday in the month of September is Annual Global Day of Student Prayer. On this day an event known as “See You at the Pole” is held before school nationwide.

By having this opportunity, students get the chance to pray for their nation and school with others that have the same beliefs.

“They are not the only Christians in school, so they should not be intimidated,” said Georgetown Christian Church’s youth minister Chris Cowsert.

He added that since the school is the biggest mission field available, it is important for students to show their faith through coming.

“The world is turning away from Christianity, so it’s refreshing to know that there are other teenagers like me,” said freshman Mitchell Lockhart.

He shared that he has invited friends to similar events and they would invite other people, causing fellowship to grow.

Sophomore Phoenix-Grace Lackey agreed with Cowsert and Lockhart’s statements.

“Students need to know that they are not alone in the walk with Christ.”

It has been shown that participation has affected teen fellowship greatly. Without them, this would not be possible because it requires student initiative as well as leadership and organization.

“It is very important to me to see student from area churches come together for one purpose,” said Campus Life director Kevin Becht.

However, they are not alone in the process of organizing. Staff members, such as counselor Kirk Hamsley, have participated in this event ever since he started working at FC, play a big role in ensuring that it is running smoothly.

Hamsley said that FC has participated in See You at the Pole for the past 20 years.

For more information on “See You at the Pole” please visit

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