Some student athletes seek alternatives to earning PE credits

By Sydney Sears and Megan Johnson

In order to graduate from FC,  students must take two semesters of physical education. According to the “Alternative Supervised Physical Education” section of the Floyd County Student Rights Guide, any student that partakes in a school sport or marching band class may use his or her activity as a PE class. However, this rule only applies to teens that are a part of a school-associated sport or activity. Any other outside activity does not count. Due to this circumstance, athletes such as these end up having to take gym and cannot take other classes that help further their education.

“It did affect my schedule because I couldn’t take certain classes like child development or culinary arts,” said junior Kenzie Ross.

Ross is part of an all-star dance team and had to follow the guidelines to gain PE credits. Ross stated that she felt that her hard work with the dance team should have earned her credits.

“It’s aggravating because we work hard. We practice two to three times a week for two to three hours.”

Sophomore Ashley Denny also shared her opinion regarding the  work that she puts into gymnastics.

“I work three days a week and three hours for each session. It involves a lot of cardio and strength training,” said Denny.

Many athletes who do sports outside of school, work just as much as athletes who do school sports. The only difference is that their teams are not affiliated with the school. This produces the question of why other athletes are not allowed to earn P.E. credits as well.

“I just don’t think it’s fair that other athletes are offered that and people like me aren’t.” said Denny

Denny and Ross concluded with ideas to help their situation and other students like them. Ross explained that students could provide evidence that they play a sport and spend enough time doing that sport to earn their credits

Denny agreed with Ross in that aspect.

“This problem could be resolved by having the student bring in a note from their coach, just like how FC athletes do.” said Denny.

Principal Janie Whaley shared that there actually is a possibility for an athlete that is not part of the FC athletic program to gain credit. However, these students must show their participation in their sport.

“All students receive a ‘B’ if they complete the season. There is a fitness test at the end of the semester that allows students to move from a ‘B’ to an ‘A’.”

Although this option is offered to all athletic students, there has still been a minor reduction in enrollment.

Whaley shared her final thought on both P.E. and sports in and out of school, which is essential for students to endure.

“The end result is physical fitness.”

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