#SPEAKOUT: Check yes or no

By Danielle Sheally

Let’s take a hypothetical situation with Tom and Suzie.  Tom likes Suzie, so Tom asks her out.  The thing about Suzie is that she doesn’t have a wheelchair stuck to her butt.

I think that it’s hard for a guy to be comfortable with physically moving me or transferring me from place to place if they needed to. The guys are scared to move me from the car to a wheelchair if we go out on a date to the movies or even from my chair to the couch to watch t.v.  I think they are scared of hurting me, but I don’t think they realize just how strong my body is physically and that they won’t break me.

Dating is difficult for me.  The guys that I get close to, get attached to me personally and emotionally, but the part that’s also difficult is the physical part of the equation.  Honestly, they are scared of physically hurting me when I come out of my chair so I think that’s where they become standoffish.  For example, say we get very close, and we go on several dates, after spending so much time together, I proceed to take it one step further.  But, as always, there’s the common rejection statement, “you are a nice girl, but I just see us as just friends”.

I always tend to be the first one to fall for guys but they don’t want to let themselves fall with me.  I believe just because I don’t wear tons of makeup and wear vintage clothes they don’t see me as being attractive.  In country songs they always talk about the girl with no makeup on or in a simple outfit being the one they fall for.

When you truly love someone, it doesn’t matter what she looks like, what she sounds like or if  she has expensive clothes or not, you should fall for the person that she is.  We know when we fall for someone because, we see that one person and it’s like they have a special glow around them.

So, maybe I just need someone that sees that special glow around me?


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