FC alumni board gives back to the community

By Patrick Prifogle

One of the three major Alumni Board events of the year is coming up quickly. It is the annual Alumni Tailgating Event. It takes place on Friday, Sep. 13 at the football game. The Alumni board will be in a large tent, located beside the bleachers. Here, food and games will be offered to past Alumni graduates, and currently enrolled students.  They also offer a place for all FC graduates to meet up and reminisce about their high school careers.

“It’s a good place to see old friends, and eat good food from several vendors.When students graduate this let’s them keep in touch with the school ,” said Alumni Board Secretary Vicki Snow-Hayes.

Athletic Director Jeff Cerqueira explained the reasoning behind this event.

[Our goal] is to rekindle that excitement they used to have,”

 The Alumni Board is especially excited about the new scholarship program.

“We started last year with two scholarships, to qualify you need a 3.0 GPA or higher, you must be an active community helper, and the son or daughter of a FC alumni,” said Hayes.

Last year  one scholarship was given each to a boy and girl, worth 500 dollars.

The original purpose for the tailgate was to show off FC talent.

“We made alumni night to honor a certain group, this year it is the tennis team. We are honoring the boys tennis team, and last year’s state runner-up girl’s Tennis team,” said Hayes.

This is just one of three major events the Alumni board has each year. The other two, being the newly minted Winter Basketball Alumni night, and their biggest event of the year, the Hall of Fame Banquet.

“Our biggest annual event is the Hall of Fame banquet, in the spring, and we pick four or five people to add to the wall of fame,” said Hayes.

Cerqueira explained that most of the money is made at the Hall of Fame banquet through the silent auction and community sponsors.

The alumni board’s purpose  is to bring the school, and its graduates together in order to benefit the community.

“The fact that they are giving back to the community is what I’m most proud of,” said Alumni Board Officer Kristi Lomond. “We are just trying to set up a connection between students and alumni.”

To find out more about the Alumni Board, come out to the football game and talk to one of the board members.

Hayes had one last thing to say.

“Once you go to college you will understand what a wonderful school this is.”

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