#SPEAKOUT: Looking at both sides of the mirror

By Danielle Sheally

Why as a society do we judge people?  Maybe we judge because we’re so insecure. Think about it for a minute. Maybe we won’t wear a certain shirt that we love because we’ll get made fun of. Or possibly, we won’t hang out with a group of people because staring eyes know what that group’s values are. Better yet, the insecurity takes such a hold on the way we act we won’t stand up for what is right. We don’t want to stand alone against millions with a different view from ours.

I believe that judging others is at its worst point among high school students. We think this because when we are walking down the hallway and we see someone with really expensive clothes or inexpensive clothes, we either think that they’re either really wealthy or a very frugal person. The same can also be said about someone who is very good academically and someone who struggles in school. We assume that one is very knowledgeable while the other person is not.

It’s evident that we all judge, but what are we going to do to change it?

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