New traffic plan to be implemented next Tuesday

New Bus Stops Parking Plan MapBy Bryce Romig and Peter Hyle

Each morning outside FC, the car rider line grows longer the closer time draws to first period. Due to recent congested traffic spilling onto Vincennes Road in the mornings, students and parents arriving in cars will have a new drop-off and pick-up point beginning next Tuesday.

“It will make things much easier before and after school for everyone involved,” said principal Janie Whaley.

Currently, car-riders line up in front of the school and the buses stop on the Galena side of the school. The day after Labor Day, this will be switched around. Car-riders will turn onto Edwardsville-Galena Road and use the entrance near the football field. This will take them to the side of the building across from Galena.

“I expect there will be some people on the first day wondering where to go, but that will all be cleared up,” said Whaley.

The buses will then line up in the front of the school. This way, traffic will not build up along Old Vincennes Road each morning and afternoon.

“I had to speak with the transportation director to get it approved, and then the supervisor of facilities after that. Everyone agreed that this was the right thing to do,” said Whaley, “Now everyone will be more relaxed.”


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