Tank Top trend becoming increasingly popular

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By Bryce Romig

This year has seen more unique trends than ever before. From neon colors to darker undertones, the trends have varied greatly. Summers latest trend has seemed to have taken teenage girls by storm. Tribal tank tops have become popular with girls everywhere, and it seems like every store you go too has a multitude of them just waiting to be bought. The question is why is something so simple hitting major fashion markets everywhere?

The answer is simple; take something plain and comfortable like a tank top, add some colorful touches and designs, now fashion can be easy and flexible.

“They are more comfortable than some other shirts. I really like the bright colored ones, such as orange, pink, or purple,” said junior Hannah Andres.

Sophomore Olivia Nguyen is also up to date with today’s fashion.

“I like tank tops because they flatter most body types, and look good with shorts. I wear a lot of black, so I like to wear pastel pink colored ones because it can make your outfit look vintage and girly,” said Nguyen.

Tank tops also work as a great addition to summer because of the thin fabric and weightlessness they provide. This way, you can keep cool and look sharp all at once.

“I like wearing tank tops because they are comfortable and in summer you don’t have to wear a heavy shirt. You can just put on a tank top and not worry about being hot all day,” said freshman Colleen Fitzgerald.

Tank tops are also very wallet friendly. For fashionistas on a budget, these are calling your name.  Almost every store has them on their racks, and the prices tend to range anywhere from ten to thirty dollars. This makes for a great way to save money and add a great addition to your closet.

“I shop at many places such as American Eagle, Forever 21, and Body Central. They have great prices, and tank tops are cheap anyways,” said Andres.

School rules may interfere with your choice of tank top, so steer clear of any thin strapped ones. If you are absolutely set on a tank top that you may feel will cause a problem, trying adding a light jacket or light see through shirt over it. This way, you can look fierce and still cooperate with school dress code.

Girls, if you are looking to try out some of these tank tops yourself, try matching it with a mini skirt. These really add a glamorous effect to the outfit, and take out the lazy tank top stereotype.

For the guys, tank tops are always in. Try sticking to darker colors. These are easier to match with colored shorts, and make you look a little bit manlier. While girls have many different styles of tank tops, men don’t have very many. Try to steer clear of wearing tank tops and jeans, this combination may confuse others about what season it is, and won’t compliment your awesome fashion sense.

Tank tops seem to go with everything, so don’t be afraid to try something daring. You might surprise yourself, and come out with a rocking outfit. And before you know it, you’ll be the school trendsetter.

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