Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ Tour wows fans at Tuesday night’s concert

By Alyssa Book

Taylor Swift graced her presence among Kentuckiana again last night on her much anticipated ‘Red’ tour. Swift brought along two opening acts, Ed Sheeran and Florida Georgia Line, that got the crowd up on their feet and preparing their vocals to be singing along with girl empowering songs for two more hours. Swift was a seasoned professional up on stage and is on the peak of her game.

Red lights, red dresses, and red guitars. From beginning to end, Swift rocked her new favorite color and had me loving it by the end of the night. As the lights shut off and she started singing ‘State of Grace,’ the screaming began and did not waver until the Louisville crowd had to leave the Yum Center.

Not only were her vocals impressive, but her set for this tour was top notch. Every song had a theme tied to it and it kept the concert fresh and exciting. Swift was a ringleader of a circus, a fairy-tale princess, and a glamorous superstar all in a short two hours. Her  fan enthusiasm cannot be matched and her ability to make 1500 girls feel like they are her best friend is a talent that comes with experience and a gift she was born to share.

Swift played songs off of her ‘Red’ album as well as bringing back songs from her past albulms that really pushed  her into the limelight she soaks in today. The crowd got a taste of what it felt like to be ’22’ for a night. The songs that generated the most electricity were ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘Never Getting Back Together.’

The choreography of this tour was incredible and her dancers never missed a beat. Come to think of it, neither did she. Swift has came into her own, and showed a poise and grace on stage that I had never seen. What was amazing to see was the crowd get so into her songs. Girls relate to her lyrics and seeing her in person star struck many across the stadium. Whether Swift sang a slow ballad or a sassy pop song, the crowd was up dancing and swaying and enjoying their time in red lights.

Swift performs with such enthusiasm and a wit that makes her fans keep wanting to attend her sold out concerts. From the sparkles on her microphone to the red lipstick brilliantly painted on her lips, Swift basked in the joy of her profession last night and made her joy contagious. Her ‘Red’ tour is massively brilliant and demands recognition. Taylor Swift has transformed from country singer to world wide phenomenon.






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