Prom goers share hair, makeup tips prior to this weekends festivities

By Bryce Romig

Prom: The time when teenager girls fret over their hair, makeup, and apparel. Girls everywhere will be spending time arranging hair appointments, selecting dresses, and picking the perfect hairstyle to finish off their look. While hair sounds like an easy task to care of, many would be surprised how much time and effort is put in to make their hair look as though they just walked off a vogue photo shoot.

The big question each year is should I sport an updo or leave my hair down? While taking pictures before prom is the most essential time for hair and makeup to look nice, during prom leaving hair down could become a major disaster.

“I curl, and pin my hair into an updo. Last years prom, I left my hair down. After dancing, my hair was a total mess,” said senior Margo Becht.
If you absolutely must leave your hair down to compliment your dress, try buying a light hair spray such as Dove Extra Care & Shine. Hairspray will help set the hair and prolong the life of the waves and curls. Avoid any cheap hairsprays that cause flaking. These don’t hold well and give your hair a moist look. Also, many girls tend to sport a half up half down hairstyle. These type of hairstyles work well with flowing dresses, and compliment pastel colors well.
“My favorite hairstyle is half up and half down. I attended a prom a couple of weeks ago at another school, and I didn’t realize how fast it got hot,” said junior Allison Walker.
Updos tend to be the most popular hairstyle sported at prom. These simple yet sophisticated hairstyles help top off any prom dress to make you look like you just walked off the red carpet. Try to add a braid or small curls to the updo. To avoid any hairs from falling, make sure the bobby pins are tight and secure. Use a heavier hair spray to ensure the braids and curls don’t move.  Updos flatter any dress, but look fantastic when paired with a shorter dress.
“Updos are my favorite. They are the classic prom look, and don’t frizz and fall when it starts to get hot,” said junior Kayla Ashley.
Many people worry about whether they should set up an appointment with a professional, or attempt to create the hairstyle themselves. While styling the hair yourself does allow you more creative control, it can easily become a struggle and leave you wondering why you never set up an appointment with a trained professional.
“If you feel confident in your hairstyle abilities go for it, If not, I would seek a professional,” said Becht.
A professional hairstylist knows exactly how to secure the hair yet still make it look elegant. If you decide to schedule an appointment, tell the hairstylist exactly how you want your hair done. It may help to research online and find a couple examples of hair that you would like to wear.  If you are unsatisfied with the finished style, tell the hairstylist your problems with the hair. Many salons will give refunds and a free restyling if a customer is unhappy with the final look.
Makeup tends to be another big issue when deciding what to wear for prom. Girls fret over whether they should attempt the natural look, or stick with the classical prom colors.  Classical prom colors should consist of an eyeshadow with a color the same as your dress, and a light lipstick color that doesn’t stand out. When deciding which eyeshadow color fits your dress best, make sure to apply it sparingly. Its very easy to overdo eyeshadow, and a little goes a long way.
“I prefer the classical prom look. It’s prom, you should look fun,” said Ashley.
If you want to go the more natural route, try using a light foundation and a darker or flesh colored eye shadow. Apply makeup sparingly and avoid the caked makeup look. Natural makeup should match your skin tone, so avoid tan colors if you are on the paler side. Avoid heavy and darker eyeliners.
“My favorite makeup is usually going natural but I like the smokey eye look when I’m attending prom or going out,” said Walker.
If you want to be tan for prom, avoid tanning beds and try using a sunless tanning lotion. While many believe these will look orange, investing in a good self tanner is a major part of the problem.  When picking out a self tanner for prom, remember that what you pay for is what you get.  Try the St. Tropez one night tanning lotion for a dark yet temporary look.

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