Journey to National Convention: live blogging from Bagpiper Journalists

By Grace Runkel

Editor’s Note: Stay up to date on the Floyd Central journalism trip to the national high school journalism convention by checking the Bagpiper Online throughout the week.

At 4 a.m. seniors Katelyn Rowe, Anna Boone, Lauren McNeeley, and I dragged ourselves out of bed, gathered our bags, and headed to the Louisville International Airport.

After arriving on time, remembering all our boarding passes, and getting through security without any hang-ups our journey was out to a great start. It was almost too good to be true.

Well, it was.

After just thirty minutes in the air, we started smelling something weird. Something electrical. And smoky.

Next thing we know the pilot announced we would be making an emergency stop in Indianapolis. There goes our connecting flight from Chicago.

Our view leaving the Louisville International Airport. Photo by Grace Runkel.

Landing in Indianapolis. Photo by Grcae Runkel.

Waiting on the plane for word from the maintenance crew. Photo by Grace Runkel.

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