Recent injuries jeopardize baseball team’s perfect season

By Michael Pepin

The baseball team is in the middle of one of their most successful seasons ever. Currently they are undefeated with 12 wins. However, this success could be in jeopardy due to the recent injuries that the team has been experiencing.

“In any sport you are going to have your injuries; every year it seems like something happens and you don’t know when or who but its going to happen,” said baseball coach Casey LaDuke.

This year has been unusual due to the amount of injuries.  In addition to the two major injuries, there have been a number of smaller incidents and injuries that present a worry to the baseball team fans and their undefeated record. Especially since it appears senior Cody Sunderhaus and junior Aaron Sneed will be out for the season. However the baseball team remains confident that they will be able to keep their undefeated record despite these setbacks.

“We have already won a couple games since then, so if we keep working as hard as we have been then we could have an undefeated season,” said Sunderhaus.

During one of the baseball games Sunderhaus broke his hand.  It is still undecided whether or not his injury will keep him out for the entire season.

In addition to Sunderhaus, junior Aaron Sneed also severed the labium in his shoulder. His injury will require surgery and will leave him unable to play for the remainder of  the season. Both had been stellar players for the team, which left some fans worrying about the impact their absence will have on the team. Several other players suffered minor injuries like sprains, strains and overextension pains.

“I do not think that the injuries will affect the team overall because it is a group effort to be able to win a game, not just one individual’s efforts,” said athletic trainer Becky Clifton.

The other members of the baseball team are confident that they will be able to fill in for their injuried comrades. It was hard work and practice that has carried them through this winning streak and it will take even more effort to continue to win.

“It’s going to be tough to keep winning every game, but we are going to keep working hard and see how long we can keep it going,” said LaDuke.

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