Different restaurants recommended to prom goers

By Blake Dykes

Prom is one of the most exciting times for any high school student, so everything about that night should be perfect. Why not start the night off eating at somewhere classy and different, beyond the same old Clarksville restaurants. Why not look outside the box and try something new?

The first place on our list  is called Del Frisco’s. Del Frisco’s a fairly fancy steakhouse located in Louisville. The menu includes shrimp cocktail, soups, salads, steaks, and much more to choose from. The entrees average around $32-$39. This may be a rather expensive place to go, but it you have saved up for a formal dinner this is definitely the place to be. Del Frisco’s is located at 4107 Oechsli Ave Louisville, KY 40207. Be sure to make your reservations by calling (502) 897-7077.

However, not everyone likes their meat enough to spend $39 on it, so another option, similar to Del Frisco’s is J.Alexander’s. J. Alexander’s has similar menu items, with the addition of some burgers and salmon entrees.  Most entrees stay around the price of $23, not including salads or appetizers (same as Del Frisco’s).  J. Alexander’s is located at 102 Exmoor Court, Louisville KY  40223. For reservations call (502) 339-2206.

Another classy restaurant in Louisville is Jack Fry’s. Jack Fry’s has a more exotic and wide range of meals to choose from. Some of their best dishes include; lamb chops, duck breast, shrimp, deep fried oysters, cheese plate served with nuts and other seasonal ingredients,  and pecan and pear salad. Maybe this sounds good to you, but one person in your group just likes the plain and simple, not to worry, they also have chicken breast and hamburgers. The pricing ranges anywhere from $10-$38, but averages around $28. Jack Fry’s is voted the best restaurant in Louisville, so make sure you call and reserve your spot. (502) 452-9244. Jack Fry’s is located at 1007 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204.

Maybe you and your group of friends aren’t really feeling a big dinner before prom, but would rather go somewhere fancy, tasty, and isn’t going to make you so full your clothes no longer fit. If this sounds about right, I’d recommend Harvest Restaurant. Some famous dishes for this place include; buttermilk fried chicken livers, sweet potato hummus on a pretzel crostini, vegetable stovetop pie, and pickled Jalapeno bacon grits. Even better, it is not as costly, with entrees ranging from $14-$19. If you think this sounds good, you know what to do, (502) 384-9090. Harvest Restaurant is located at 624 E Market St. Louisville, KY 40202.

There is a possibility that none of these places that have been listed sound good, maybe you don’t like the ordinary, and prefer other foods. Not to worry, try Havana Rumba! Havana Rumba is a Cuban restaurant also located in Louisville. They have a very large menu that provides plenty to choose from. For instance, their Cuban Sampler is pabarella, chicken empanada, and cuban pork tamale all wrapped up together. Or another thing they offer is Empanadas De Pollo, lightly breaded, flaky pastries stuffed with roasted pepper and sour cream. If you prefer spicy, try Calamares Fritos, which consists of fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce and aioli. If all of these are all too ordinary try some fried plantains. At around $10-$13 these prices are not too bad at all. Call (502) 897-1959 today. Havana Rumba is located at 4115 Oechsli Ave  Louisville, KY 40207.

Or perhaps you’d like to avoid crossing the bridge on prom day, well not to worry, there are also nice places to dine on our side of the river. If Italian food is up your alley try La Bocca, located in New Albany. La Bocca has all of the mainstream pasta and pizza dishes plus much more. The entrees range from $15-$17. This restaurant is old time Italian and if that is what you like call (812) 945-7711. La Bocca is located at 2708 Paoli Pike, New Albany, IN 47150.

Use prom as an excuse to go to one of these nicer places that you normally wouldn’t treat yourself to! Don’t settle for your typical resturants that you could go to on any other Saturday night. Whether you are willing to spend quite a bit, desire to venture over to Louisville for your meal, or would like to spend a little less and still have a new experience closer to home, all of these restaurants listed above can provide this for you.

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