A Week in Guatemala: live blogging from McKenna Click

By McKenna Click

Editor’s Note: For the extent of Spring Break, the Bagpiper will be having photographer McKenna Click reporting on her experiences in Guatemala. Click will be updating on the events of Northside Christian Church’s youth mission trip to build houses in Guatemala.

It is currently 1:56 in the afternoon and I am preparing to leave on my first out of country mission trip. I am attending a mission trip to Guatemala with Northside Christian Church.  I am not the only FC student that is attending this mission trip.  In fact, on my flight (there are three flight groups) some familiar faces include; junior Baylie Burd, senior Kim Foster, junior Deja Jones, sophomore Kristina Foster, sophomore Austen Jones, and junior Trevor Smith.

This morning we were required to be at the airport no later than 12:40.  Once at the Louisville International Airport we formed a circle, prayed, then got checked in and made our way through security.

Right now we are currently waiting to board our first flight (we are the last group to leave) to Miami.  From Miami we  will fly to Guatemala, with a little over a two hour lay over in Miami.  Overall, the feeling here at the airport is that we are ready to fly already (as demonstrated by the amount of candy being thrown at other people right now.)

For now that is all I am going to write (it is a little hard to write when candy is being thrown at you) but I will check in later.

Southern Indiana students laugh and enjoy themselves as they wait for their flight to Guatemala to serve people there. Photo by McKenna Click.

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