Caffeine impacts students’ daily routine

By Alesha McCulloch

Caffeine sparks thoughts of energy and wakefulness. Caffeine usually does not have long term physical effects, but when it comes to the teenage body, it can be harmful.

Freshman Nick Carter said, “I love to drink caffeine, until it starts to make my stomach hurt.”

Teens who drink coffee, soft drinks, or energy drinks may suffer from stomach upsets, increased heart rates, and anxiety.

Caffeine defines itself as a drug that many plants naturally produce in their seeds and leaves. It’s considered a stimulant and is found in many foods and beverages.

Most teens consume their caffeine in the forms of soda, energy drinks, coffee, and tea.

“I drink a McDonald’s sweet tea every morning before school because it makes me awake and full,” said sophomore Donnie Campbell.

Caffeine can be addictive. Teens can become addicted to caffeine, which is becoming a serious problem that affects millions of teenagers daily.

When teens have caffeine addiction, they usually do not notice it. Your body will just naturally want more and more of it. Caffeine addiction is common with many teens today.

According to doctors, caffeine is one of the most psychoactive drugs to be found in the world, which means it’s a drug that can produce mood changes.

“I notice that when I drink caffeine, I get really hyper and want to jump and fiddle around” said sophomore Dylan Paris.

Caffeine is also known as a stimulant. Meaning it can affect your sleeping schedule. It increases feelings of alertness and may help you stay awake when you’re tired. But most teens already do not get enough sleep as it is, causing them to stay awake at night and feeling exhausted the next day.

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