NOTE: Fall Out Boy, The Temptations, Cayucas

By JT Samart

New and Popular:

Fall Out Boy has been a part of our musical scene since the early 2000’s. Their recent “indefinite break” caused many to wonder if they would return. Well, they are back with a new and gritty single. In “Fall Out Boy” fashion the title is a mouthful, but the song has a great amount of energy. It is heavier than their other tunes, like “Dance, Dance” or “Sugar We’re Going Down” but then again the song is about arson. Either way it is nice to have “Fall Out Boy” back.



The Motown sound has become legendary and will forever stick in the mind of those who hear it. “My Girl” is a song that is crafted to be forever engraved in our subconscious. From the catchy guitar lick to the vocal harmonies, this love song was written by Smokey Robinson for his wife Claudette Robinson. Soon “The Temptations” turned it into their number one hit and became one of the many legends of Motown.

Try It:


Genre: Indie Surf-Rock

Label: Secretly Canadian

Album: Bigfoot (release date: April 30, 2013)


Surf rock was developed by the Beach Boys to give a tropical atmosphere to music. Cayucas has given the genre a slight twist and brought the genre back to life. Cayucas’ sound is based on the rhythm of each song. The bass riffs and drums usually are the catchy parts of the songs. The full album has not been released yet but my favorite song is “Cayucos”. It has a sound that will make you want to go to the beach and surf.


Junior Olivia Horesly: “Feel Again” by OneRepublic

“The song repeats twice and is not original in anyway.”

“Little Talks” by “Of Monsters And Men” is one of those songs are great to hear for the first time. It is fun and follows the newly accepted rule that a chorus can have random “yeahs”, “ooos”, or “heys”. Yet again the radio overplays the song and ruins it. There is not a problem with it but I am sick of it.

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