Students find creative ways to ask dates to prom

By Blake Dykes

Prom is an exciting time for many upperclassmen, but the dance itself is not the only good part. Beyond the planning, preparing for the big day, and making after-prom plans, getting asked to prom makes it pretty high up on the list.

Being asked to prom whether it be by a boyfriend or just friend calls for creativity.

Senior Will Mayberry spent lots of time planning how to ask out his Lanseville girlfriend senior Chelsea Roy. 

“I took her to LaBocca on Valentine’s Day, and I had went to the restaurant the day before and remade one of their menus. The menu said ‘LaBocca Authentic Italian Cuisine,’ on the front, and then on the inside it said, ‘Speciality for tonight… Will you go to prom with me?’I had a check box for ‘yes’ and another for ‘yes’.”

Mayberry said that her reaction was completely surprised and extremely happy because he had thought it out.

However, Mayberry was not the only one who spent some time thinking about how to ask out his date.

Junior Courtney Crombie’s boyfriend, senior Alex Byer, completely surprised her.

“He told me we were going on a surprise date, so he took me to eat at Bravo in Louisville, and then we went to see Safe Haven. After that he made me close my eyes until we got to this empty lot in Plum Hill. He walked me out there and told me to open my eyes. In big letters he had cut out PROM? and stuck them in the ground. He had glued pictures of us on the letters.”

While some people asked their dates to prom outside of school, others decided to pop the question during school hours.

Senior Gavin Horner asked his date, senior Samantha Goode, on their way to study hall Feb 14. Horner brought Goode into the MPR room and had a dozen roses laid out and a Powerpoint. The Powerpoint contained a slide with pictures of them and him asking her to go to prom.

“She is kind of shy, so I didn’t want to embarrass her by asking in front of a lot of people.”

Although most people spend lots of times thinking about unique ways to ask their dates to prom, senior Ted Hartog came up with something only 20 minutes prior to asking.

“I didn’t think I was going to prom at all 20 minutes before I asked her [senior Sarah Taylor]. Then my friend said she needed a date and that I should ask Sarah. Then within 10 minutes I had a plan. Mr. Street let me use a plain white T shirt from the store and I wrote ‘prom?’ with a marker on it. Then I grabbed a jacket and walked into the office to ask her since she’s an office worker. The girl’s distracted her and I walked up and ripped open my jacket.”

Whether someone takes weeks of planning or just a couple of minutes, there are many creative ways of asking.

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