NHS hosts annual blood drive

By Sidney Reynolds

Seniors Abby Marguet and Joe Wolf wait patiently to sign people in for the annual blood drive that is held at FC.

“I’m glad we are it doing it because it benefits our school and the people that receive the blood,” said Marguet.

Monday’s blood drive was hosted by The American Red Cross and the National Honor Society and helps raise scholarship money for NHS.

Students who donated had to pass some basic requirements such a being given a mini physical and having their health history checked. Once the test is passed a person was able to donate one pint of blood or two units of red cells, which is the same amount of blood.

“Some kids do it just to get out of class but they are still doing it. Holding it here gets people to donate who normally wouldn’t,” said senior Carmen Keehn.

Once a person donated, a NHS member helped them get a snack and a drink.

“I give them snacks and drinks. Then I patrol to make sure no one else passes out,” said Keehn.

The red cells people donate can only last 42 days, and The American Red Cross is always in need of donations.

“There’s always such a need for blood because of people with illnesses or car accidents,” said Lt. Col. Ben Gipe.

The students that donated blood on Monday received community service hours, along with the satisfaction of help saving lives.

“My dad had to get blood donated to him a few years ago and I think that’s why he donates. He got me into wanting to do it. Last year but I wasn’t old enough. I got to donate this year,” said Keehn.

Students were not the only ones to donate blood; teachers and staff members also did.

“It’s good for the kids to see, even if they aren’t only enough to donate yet,” said assistant principal Rob Willman.

“I’m proud of FC for hosting it, and it’s cool all the students helped out,” said Gipe.

One thought on “NHS hosts annual blood drive”

  1. Thank you for promoting our Blood Drive for the Red Cross! 25% of all blood donations come from high schools, and the need is so great. Please find time to donate this summer at Highlander Point—FC will still earn scholarship money from this. 🙂 Thanks Sidney!

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