The Big Apple: live blogging from senior Jared Murray

By Jared Murray

Guest Reporter

It’s 5:05 am on Feb. 28, and we are only in Pennsylvania after sitting in traffic for two hours waiting for a wreck to be cleared. The kids in the back are laughing hysterically, attempting to recreate musical numbers from Pitch Perfect, and going slightly insane from lack of sleep and possibly considering canibalism due to severe hunger pains. The adults in the front are probably frowning at us, wishing they could put us to sleep for the rest of the trip. After that exhausting two hours of waiting for a plethora of fire trucks to put out a flaming semi, I’m ready to sleep for the rest of the ride up, but I doubt that will happen now that everyone is riled up about how close we are. And if you’re still wondering, we haven’t resorted to eating each other. . . Yet.

Make sure to keep checking the Bagpiper Online for more updates on our travels!

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