Orchestra prepares for the ‘Big Apple’

Next week, on Feb. 27, 29 members from the orchestra will travel to New York to participate in a competition at the Alice Tully Hall in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

“I think is our fourth trip to new York,” said orchestra director Doug Elmore. “New York is an obvious choice for a music trip, as it is the most arts dense city in America, in addition to being the home of some great architecture, monuments, and the largest auditorium in America.”

Traveling anywhere for school is very exciting, but the opportunity to travel to New York is amazing. Junior Lucy Brown said she is more than excited to travel to New York.

“I am very excited but I’m most excited for the cruise around Manhattan,” said Brown.

There are many aspects that go into preparing for a show, but an incredible amount goes into preparing for New York.

“Preparing the music has been a little stressful,” said Elmore. “The kids are working very hard though.”

As the day gets closer and closer the more the members are getting a little bit nervous and really excited. There is many things the orchestra will do other than perform.

The members said they will go out to eat, tour the city, shop, and much more.

The upcoming trip presents many opportunities for the students.

“I am very excited to be taking such a talented, responsible, and fun group of students on such an awesome trip,” said Elmore. “The kids will remember this for a lifetime.”

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