Winter percussion prepares for POP’s concert performance

By Sidney Reynolds

The sound of music can be heard flowing from the gymnasium where the winter percussion practices for their first performance of the season this Thursday.

“We’ve put a lot of work into it and have made something really good,” said junior Jerry Lacross.

The show this season is called Balloons.

“It’s about how in the beginning there was chaos and the music is set up to be extremely chaotic. Then we wear theses masks and are being controlled by these balloons. Then we pop the balloons but learn about balance,” said sophomore Alex Miller.

This season they have had many challenges, including as lack of funds, losing members, and having a place to practice.

“We have had a lot of people quit and that is really tough because then we have to change the whole routine,” said sophomore Zach Henderson.

Despite these problems, they have worked hard to overcome them and produce a quality show. One way they have overcome these challenges is by appointing underclassmen to higher positions such Henderson’s promotion to section leader this year. This is rare because they normally rank their positions by seniority.

“He’s doing great. He likes to have fun but then knows when to be serious,” said Lacross.

They started this season right before winter break and have been working hard to perfect the show.

“I feel like we will do well at the performance this Thursday and for the contest this Saturday. I feel as if we are at the point where the love for the activity and dedication will be put into perspective,” said junior Kaitlyn Seewer.

There are a lot of new people who joined winter percussion this year and have really enjoyed it.

“I love playing music, and it’s even better that I get to play music with a group of my friends,” said freshman Michayla White.

They are very excited about performing and hope a lot of people will come to watch and support them.

“I am glad we are doing the POP’s concert before our competition this Saturday because people are the POP’s concert will help boost our ego ,” said Henderson

Due to the forecasted weather the POP’s concert has postponed until mid-March, after Thoroughly Modern Millie.

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