Senior Cylie Miller wins programming award

By Lexi Burch

Senior Cylie Miller has devoted herself to web design and technology. That devotion paid off not too long ago when she won the National Center for Women and Information Technology Programming award. This is an award only given to a few girls in the state of Indiana, so for Miller this means a lot.

“I was very surprised when I found out I had won the award. I know there are girls out there that are a lot more advanced in computers than I am, so to be picked as a winner was an honor,” said Miller.

Winning an award like this takes a lot of devotion, time, and practice. Miller just got started with computer classes in her junior year but instantly loved it and worked hard to be on the level she is.

“What I like best about Computer Science and Web Design is that you are given a task that you have the freedom to complete it how you want,” said Miller. “You can design or program in your own way. “

Since the Technology Programming award is a ‘Women’s’ award, Miller, hopes to get more girls involved in programming. By winning this award, Miller hopes she will inspire more girls to go after their dreams.

“I hope to show other girls through this award that computers have been a career path mainly pursued by men,” said Miller. “This only makes a woman in computing more valuable to a company so you are more likely to get a job in the growing career field! Also it’s great to get an accomplishment and award in something that you love doing, so I hope to show others to pursue what they love.”

Many people are very proud of Miller one of which is programming teacher David Traughber.

“I am very proud of her, ” said Traughber. “She will go far in programming, if that’s what she chooses to do. She is very talented.”

Miller has an even brighter future after winning this award. She said she plans on staying on the technology track and hopes one day she will have a job in the field.

“In the future I hope to attend IU for computer science,” said Miller. “Through that, I think I can find a great career that will allow me to see new people and places, as well as a career that I will love.”

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