Dazzlers dream for success at Nationals

By Lexi Burch and Bryce Romig

Disney World is where ‘dreams come true’ and the Dazzlers are hoping for their dreams to come true when they travel there this Wednesday to compete in UDA Nationals.

After winning eleven consecutive national titles and double titling last season, expectations will be high when the Dazzlers arrive in Orlando.

“For me to win my fourth national title would be amazing,” said junior Courtney Crombie. “Most people work four years to get those four titles, and to get it as a junior would be such an awesome accomplishment.”

Sophomore Coral Portman said that they have been preparing for this years nationals even before they won last year. The Dazzlers devote all their time and breath to the sport.

“We train every week with a personal trainer and we practice hours daily,” said Portman. “We have competitions almost every weekend to prepare for the pressures of nationals.”

For the senior Dazzlers this will be their last time performing on the black mat. They say that the feeling of it being over is very bittersweet.

“Knowing this is my last time at nationals is hard to believe,” said senior Kimberly Humphries. “Saying goodbye to my team will be one of the hardest things I will ever do.”

UDA Nationals is not all stress and sweat. The girls said spending the weekend in sunny Florida, in the exciting Disney World is one of the best times throughout the season.

“The most exciting part about Nationals is being out on the floor with the rest of my teammates and just knowing that we’re about to kill it.” said Crombie. “The idea that everyone in the building is watching you and only you, is a feeling I can’t even describe. We go on autopilot when we’re out there competing and everything just happens.”

Winning Nationals for any team would be exciting but for the Dazzlers it is carrying on a legacy. This team and past teams have made it possible for the Dazzlers to have a consecutive winning streak.

“It would mean everything to win,” said Sophomore Taylor Neagle. “We work so hard each year to bring home another title. Carrying on the legacy of teams before us would mean so much to current team and past teams.”

As Wednesday draws near the hearts of the Dazzlers are racing and the butterflies in their stomachs are fluttering. The memories of winning reenter their minds.

“The feeling of winning is like a ten thousand pound weight has being lifted off your shoulders,” said Crombie. “It is crazy how much pressure is on us to keep an amazing legacy going, and when we win all the hard moments and struggles are beyond worth it.”

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