Columnist consults students on spring fashion

By Bryce Romig

During spring time, it can be confusing how to dress; should you wear shorts, or long pants? Short sleeves or long sleeves? With new trends each year, many people make it a priority to try and match these trends and stay in style.  This year’s trends are sure to make you feel and look confident in bright, vivid colors.

“I’m really looking forward to wearing brighter colors and floral patterns,” said freshman Olivia Nguyen.

Try throwing on a sea foam green cardigan with light stonewashed blue jeans.  Mix them with dark beige flats or brown sandals.

“Bright pastels and floral skirts will be very popular this season,” said sophomore Rachel Nguyen.

Wearing a floral patterned skirt with a plain white top is also very trendy this season. Mix this outfit with brown combat boots and you’re ready to go.

“Floral patterns can either be very old-time looking or super funky and chill,” said sophomore Mikaela Click.

For more of a relaxed, chilled out look, think denim shirts with a high low cut skirt. Throw some dirty, worn out vans on to complete the look and help provide the carefree feel to the outfit.

If the weather suddenly changes and snow hits the ground, pull out your grandma’s vintage pastel sweaters and pair them with light blue jeans.

For jewelry and accessory lovers, think bulky necklaces and bracelets. Silver colored bracelets bring out the pastel colors and make the outfit pop.  Wear large rings and earrings to give the look a more subtle, laid back feel.

“My current favorite spring accessories are big bulky earrings, necklaces, and rings.” said sophomore Leah Scharff.

For the guys, do the total opposite and stick to faded more relaxed colors. Think grey and darker greens when shopping for shirts. Pair them with beige colored pants and black boots.

This year’s spring men’s fashion trends heavily revolve around seventies themed fashion, so avoid wearing anything retro or extremely bright.

“I think that the trendy darker colors for spring are a good base to combine with the lighter, and brighter colors that this spring season has introduced to us. I think that if any outfit has too many of the lighter colors, the outfit will become unbalanced and look strange to the public’s eye,” said junior Jackson Bishop.

When shopping for men’s jewelry and accessories, think big bulky watches. Avoid gold or silver watches and stick to leather strapped watches. This helps complete the vintage seventies look this year’s spring trends strive for.

As with every spring and summer season, a light tan is always in style. To avoid harmful UV rays, try products that have a natural tanning agent to give you that subtle glow without damaging the skin. Think organic and radical free when looking for a tanning product.

Let’s kick off the new year in style, and look good doing so. With trends changing so quickly, it can be hard to sometimes keep up.  If you follow these few fashion tips, even the unfashionable can be spring fashionistas in no time.

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