Early graduation forces decisions on students

Editor’s Note: This is a continuation of a story from the print publication.

Effects of Graduating Early

        “Graduating early is not for everyone. It does mean taking costly online courses to meet graduation requirements,” said Clark. Not only will they have to take costly online courses, but they will miss out on other activities such as prom and the actual graduation ceremony. “Furthermore, students will not receive their diploma until June, since that is when they are delivered to school,” said Clark. Aside from the cons, there are some positive things that come from graduating early. “Students can begin college early getting a jumpstart on their degree and the state of Indiana does offer a one-time  scholarship to early graduates,” said Clark.

What Colleges Think and Their Requirements

        Counselor Jessica Newkirk said she does not think colleges will look any different among students who graduate early as long as they have met all of the requirements. Clark agreed, but said students can see their counselor for more information and what will need to be completed to meet all requirements. Graduating early does not happen in just one day, there are many requirements in the process. “Students must pass both ECA exams and get permission from Mrs. Whaley a semester before they want to graduate. Then, she needs a letter from the students parents indicating they approve of early graduation,” said Clark. Newkirk said one of the biggest things to have if you are graduating a semester early is the second semester of English which is taken online. Clark and Newkirk agreed that graduating early is only for certain people in the junior and senior classes. “It is important for students to understand the demands of college work before making the decision to graduate early,” said Clark.

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