Juniors take winter fun to a new level

By Lexi Burch

For some people Paoli Peaks is a forgotten winter attraction but for a group of FC students it is much more than that.

“I’ve been snowboarding since about seventh grade,” said junior Zach Lewis. “A few of my friends have been doing it since grade school.”

That is the case for another junior Ian Welsh, who said he has had a love for the snow for as long as he can remember.

“I’ve been snowboarding, skiing, and anything that has to do with the snow since I was a kid,” said Welsh. “Paoli is my second home during the winter.”

The group of boys said that they devote their winter season to Paoli and winter sports.

“We try to go up everyday or a least as much as we can,’ said Welsh. “I probably go up the most out of my friends.”

They treat it like another sports practice, they try new tricks and ways to improve their skills.

“[The best part about snowboarding] Hitting a trick you’ve been working on forever,” said junior Eli Marion

Some of they boys said they spend their time on two boards instead of just one.

“I probably take skiing more serious than any other sport,” said junior Logan Vaughn. “Skiing really tests all your abilities.”

They said that it is all a giant competition between each other. They are always trying to be better than the next guy.

“I’m the best,” said Welsh.

“Ian is probably the best because he has been snowboarding longer and devotes more time to it,” said Lewis.

“I’m the best at skiing, though,” said junior Grant Foster.

It is all friendly competition they said. Paoli is a great way to hang out and do something together that they love.

“I don’t think I would be as good as I am if my friends weren’t doing with me,” said Lewis. “They really push me.”

As Paoli season gets closer and closer the more they get excited.

“We’ve all got our new and old boards ready for another awesome season,” said Lewis.

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