Young authors express individuality

DSC09414By Derek Hanke

Serving as a form of self expression, writing in high school is a creative way of putting yourself on a page, figuratively speaking. Authors tend to start writing at a young age and some even publish their works very early on.

One of these authors, senior Mark Merk, has already published a book on Amazon entitled Hillgregg: The Temple of Thought.

The Temple of Thought is about a different world where four friends are trying to stop an ancient evil,” said Merk.

Merk’s creativity knows no bounds when it comes to his writing, and in his writing he can explore whatever avenues he desires.

“Hillgregg is like my own universe. Almost every aspect of Hilgregg comes from me,” he said.

Other young writers, such as freshman Autumn Seraiah, are preserving their works for publication later in their lives.

“Whenever I get older I will publish my stories. Usually it takes one work to be successful before writers feel confident in themselves,” said Seraiah.

Seraiah is currently working on two books and has written upwards of 120 poems.

“I started reading at three and a half and writing a short time after that. As I got older, I started writing to get my emotions out,” she said.

Seraiah feels that self expression is her favorite aspect of writing.

“There is no right or wrong when it comes down to writing, and for me, that’s perfect,” said Seraiah.

She feels her moods help inspire her writing.

“My moods have a big effect on whatever I’m working on. My writing is no different, reflecting whatever mood I’m in,” said Seraiah.

Junior Amber Habron writes on whatever she feels like writing at the time.

“I don’t really have a set genre. I just write what comes to me,” said Habron.

Some of Habron’s inspiration comes from every day life, while other parts come from other sources.

“A lot of my ideas come from dreams I’ve had, and I tend to accidentally add some aspects of people that I’ve met into my characters,” she said.

Habron feels a strong emotional connection to her writing, especially the characters she creates.

“I killed off one of my main characters and started crying. My characters live in my head, and they’re very real to me,” said Habron.

She said that her love for writing stemmed from her love for reading.

“During my freshman year at my old school, I didn’t have any work to do in study hall after I finished the book I was reading in about half an hour, so I started writing,” Habron said.

Habron, similar to Seraiah, loves the freedom that writing gives her.

“I like being able to have the freedom to write whatever I want. Nobody can tell me that something is wrong or impossible,” Habron said.

Merk loves writing, and he favors certain parts over others.

“I love being creative. It’s like you’re channeling yourself in a way; allowing part of yourself to go on a page,” he said.

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