New class teaches students culinary arts skills

By Alyssa Book

This year a new class was introduced at FC. Culinary arts is a class where creativity is encouraged and hands-on learning experiences are offered daily. It has became so popular among students that classes are offered several times a day.

The class prepares students with basic cooking skills, as well as showing the basics of being a chef and restaurant work.

Culinary arts teach Carol Dilk teaches several home economics classes, and this year got to embark on a new adventure with a class that incorporates the concepts of sanitation, cooking, and a look into the culinary profession.

“I want the kids to take away from this class a passion for getting in the kitchen and cooking. I want them too not be afraid to try and taste new things and to sharpen their skills,” said Dilk.

The class is offered to all grade levels. Freshman Grayson Devall said she enjoys being with upperclassmen and explains how they offer help if the younger grades ever need it.

The events that take place in the class vary from week to week, but Dilk said the usual formula for a successful week is to work in the workbook for a specific chapter, do a Powerpoint with notes, have a lab where students can use the concepts from a chapter, then have a test at the end of the week.

The aspect of the class that has really drawn students in is the time spent in the kitchen labs. Some dishes that have been prepared have been Spanish chicken, homemade biscuits and gravy, and apple taffy pizza to name a few.  From freshmen to seniors, the cooking has taught a lot of students about the joys of being creative and learning basic skills.

Senior Casey Stacer said, “The class has taught me how simple cooking can really be and it doesn’t always take a long time.”

Devall took the labs as a fun activity and said her favorite lab was making macaroni and cheese.

Dilk designs the labs and helps the students while they experiment in the labs. While she may not be cooking, labs also bring her joy.

“I love seeing the kids succeed where they thought they couldn’t. I wish the class was offered for two semesters so we could cook more.”

While the class is only for one semester, Dilk tries to get the students in there as much as possible to create a hands-on learning environment.

Culinary will be offered second semester this year, but will not be offered again until the 2014-15 school year. The class will be offered every other school year.

Stacer would recommend the class to any student interested in cooking.

“My favorite part of culinary is that it isn’t like any other class.”

The class does not require any basic knowledge in culinary.

Dilk confirmed that by saying, “I have taught kids who have never held a knife or washed a dish. I teach the basic understanding of sanitation, cooking, cleaning, and handling kitchen tools.”

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