Finals tips dispensed

By: Lexi Burch

As the semester comes to a close it is not time to tap the breaks, it is time to put the pedal to the metal.

Step 1: Prioritize

Physical Education A+, Geometry C-. The obvious subject someone would focus most on is Geometry. Prioritizing can be key in a successful semester grade. Focus on those ‘struggling’ classes, the classes that need that extra step.

“I cheer and take advanced classes,” said junior Blayne Miles. “Cheer is demanding but I always make sure school comes first.”

School should be a number one priority especially as the year comes to a close.

“Students that are involved in many things need to have great time management skills,” said counselor Mark Clark. “Students need to realize that school is ticket to their future, therefore, school work and studies need to remain the most important focus.”

Be sure to focus on all courses involved in but prioritize those that need the extra attention.

Step 2: Do not procrastinate

It is the Devil in disguise; procrastination can creep up on anyone. In fact it has probably creeped up on just about everyone. The way someone tackles procrastination will make or break them as the year winds down.

“[The worst thing about procrastination] the sleep I lose when I do the project the night before it’s due,” said sophomore Clayton Crum.

When that magazine sounds better than an English paper or Twitter seems more interesting than The Great Gatsby, it is not. Stays focused and get things done in a timely manner it will make the grades go up.

Step 3: Get help

Getting help from teachers may make someone shiver with fear. A big scary teacher and alone with just them sounds intimidating but it is the best way to get a complete understanding of a lesson. Teachers are here to help students succeed, take advantage of them.

“Teachers will definitely help if you ask,” said English teacher Wallace Austin. “We will get busy at the end of the semester, so don’t wait until the last second.”

Ask a teacher if they have a few minutes after class or even after school. Being brave could be the difference from passing a failing.

Step 4: Study

It is something everyone dreads, studying. Is there really even a right way to study? There is, the way that works best and shows the most improvement. The way everyone studies varies but as long as studying going on it is going to help improve grades.

“I like to study in my room while I listen to music,” said junior Eli Marion.

The best way to study is to make sure the studied subject is easy to focus on. Study in quiet places where there are not a lot of people that would bother the study session. Like the school library, your room, or basement. Make sure it is quiet with not a lot of distractions that could make someone get off topic. Stay away from televisions and computers. Make sure to focus and take in as much information as possible to get the best results.

Most people think because a vacation is coming, that it is already here. Do not do that; do not forget that these days are probably some of the hardest parts of the year. Teachers are going to try to squeeze as much in as they can and do not forget about those icky finals. So do not slow down, if anything speed up. Study, don’t procrastinate, ask for help, prioritize classes and it will be a successful semester.

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